Service Provider and Pre-Sales

Key words: domain research, gap analysis, customer analysis,discovery phase, scope identification, resources planning, solution design, lineage.


As a Service provider or IT consultancy, I often mention that a scope of work refined in Pre-Sales provokes the following problems:

  • drastic changes during Discovery / Implementation / Handover phase

  • conflicts between an existent architectural landscape and best practices of organization


The ODD Platform provides an API to gather details on existing architectural landscape and toolset available in organization, so that I have better planning and therefore better customer relations.


  1. As a service provider, I usually engage in Pre-sales to facilitate with a potential client, estimate the scope of work, decide on the team setup and suggest solution design.

  2. My company has encountered situations when: - Client is dissatisfied with services provided and therefore not set up for a long-term cooperation. - Client has been asking for additional features leading to a scope creep and changes to time-to-market. - Enhancement/change request costs. - Potential monetary, reputational and legal losses may occur.

  3. I am sure that the above mentioned situations happen due to miscommunication or a technical proficiency level of people I am engaging with during Pre-Sales and not the quality of services I am providing.

  4. To improve my Pre-sales processes I ask my clients to integrate the ODD API with their data landscapes. This helps me gather information on: - Microservices / tools client is using, so that I set my project team right - Level of maturity / landscape complexity, so that I can propose appropriate solutions given the time and budget constraints.

Result:I can plan efficiently and suggest the solutions that are feasible to avoid miscommunication and client’s dissatisfaction.

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