Visibility for Data Quality Engineer

Key words: data quality metrics, Great Expectations, Pandas profiling, custom DQ frameworks.


As a Quality Assurance Engineer, I cannot cover all data quality monitoring activities. I know that some book orders can be mapped to wrong dimensions or even miss crucial fields associated with an order. I want to automate the DQ monitoring process and have a place where my team and our users can monitor pipeline health on a given day.


The ODD Platform is compatible with Great Expectations and Pandas Profiling. Users can import test suite results, both pre-defined Great Expectations PyLibs and custom DQ DAGs.


  1. My team’s pipeline is processing more then two billion of books orders daily and uses two OLTP systems and ten dimensional tables as its sources.

  2. I want to check the following DQ KPIs based on six DQ dimensions: - Timeliness: how much time does it take for an order to become available in my product? - Completeness: do I have any missing values in the most crucial fields, e.g. date, book ID, amount, etc.? - Uniqueness: do I have any duplicated book orders in my dataset? - Validity: do the values comply with expected value format, e.g. book ISBN has an expected number of digits? - Consistency: when I do a lookup on dimensional table to return a book name, do I get all book IDs covered? - Accuracy: does my sales data reconcile with other sources?

  3. By knowing that ODD is compatible with Great Expectations and therefore Pandas Profiling PyLibs, I decide to cover KPIs in the Timeliness, Completeness, Uniqueness and Validity dimensions by these open source libraries.

  4. As for the Consistency and Accuracy dimensions, I need to compare several profiles (datasets), which is not possible in Great Expectations / Pandas Profiling PyLibs. I develop a simple SQL script to calculate the KPIs.

  5. I import test suite results from Great Expectations to ODD.

  6. As ODD allows a DQ import not only from pre-defined libraries but also from custom frameworks, I add my custom test suite results to the Platform as well.

  7. I can expose all my DQ KPIs to the ODD Platform and share it with my stakeholders: both my team and my users.

Result: I provide a transparent and accessible way of pipeline health monitoring and also use this feature when assessing reliability of other sources of my interest.

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