About ODD

The open-source Data Discovery Platform improves productivity, collaboration, and governance of modern data products and teams:

  • Free open-source and community-driven

  • ML first citizen

  • End-to-end microservices lineage support

  • Flexible data quality integration options

  • Auto-generated ML experiment lineage and metadata

To use Platform solutions more effectively apply ODD Specification. It contains best practices for managing your metadata. Its theoretical topics and examples help to build an effective data discovery process. Also the Spec covers data engagement and data federation problems.

The platform for your business

Solution matrix

ODD can benefit a team at the following SDLC stages and team functions:

Pain points

Onboarding to data

Every time a newcomer joins a data team, one faces a challenge of data management processes learning. Unfortunately, it may provoke overcommunication, reading irrelevant documentation and spending much time to pick out meaningful information. ODD solutions help figure out data sources, find owners of this data, check DBs structures and get many other attributes that are necessary for working activities.

Data discovery

The more data a team has the more complicated connections occur between assets and components. ODD provides a search tool with AI-powered suggestion and flexible filters. Also the Platform supports a description option, so you can get detailed info about data entities.

Data observability

A problem of observability lack starts when irrelevant data appears in one's production cycle. To clarify when and where this data is and avoid delay use ODD's lineage diagram and flexible alert system.


Dive into ODD opportunities with a list of ODD features.

Use cases

Here you can find most popular use cases for different titles of your data team.

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